Women's Clothing Online Store

Online clothing store www.studio-t.ru offers you a wide range of exclusive knitwear clothes of STUDIO T brand. It’s a unique store, you won’t find such knitwear for women and such range anywhere else! There are no accidental items in this collection, each one has every smallest detail thought through – construction, manufacturing technology, stylish elements, décor. Online clothing store www.studio-t.ru provides an opportunity to choose, oreder and get high-quality knitwear clothes delivered; we strive to make our produce available in every corner of Russia, that’s why you can buy it in any place in our country; we deliver by Russian Post, collect on delivery.

The catalogue is conveniently divided into sections according to the type of clothing, which significantly simplifies the search for necessary items:

Three times a year www.studio-t.ru online store features new fashion collection of STUDIO T brand. You can easily trace new arrivals in the NEW section. All you need to do to start shopping at www.studio-t.ru is to sign up, which will take only a few minutes.

Also, at www.formaclass.ru online-store you can purchase school uniform for children under STUDIO T brand. The link is at the bottom of each page of the website.

High Quality Women's Clothing

STUDIO T brand clothing is marked by high quality, variety of designs and colours. Always in stock are clothes for autumn, spring, winter, summer. It’s difficult to find another store where practically a complete wardrobe for women is provided in knitwear. But it doesn’t mean that you should always choose ‘knitwear total look’, although this season it’s in fashion. We suggest you create your own looks, using our models, supplementing them with other stylish accessories. Because knitwear goes perfectly with many fabrics: starting from such close textures as tweed, leather, and ending with the finest chiffon. Use your imagination or ask us, and we’ll try to advise you on how to wear the items we created and what to combine them with. Every woman strives to highlight her individuality and beauty, to follow not only fashion, but also her own style, to look bright and attractive. We have created an online store of knitwear for women who are always busy but strive to be stylish and unique. We have created an opportunity to turn this desire into reality!